Roof replacement

There are many reasons to replace a roof, age, deterioration, termites and severe weather are only a few. Roofs should be replaced every fifteen to twenty years depending on construction materials used. Repairs should be maintained every five to seven years. There are two reasons not to replace your roof, these are gutting the house to rebuild, or tearing the house down. Any livable structure should have a sufficient roof that is maintained in good condition.

roofWhen replacing your roof the first thing is to choose what roofing materials you want. Asphalt composition shingles are still the most common. Wood shakes are an excellent option for high pitch roofs, metal roofing is less common due to difficulties installing. Slate is rarely used because it is highly slippery making it hard for homeowners and workers alike to check if repairs are needed. The pitch of your roof can affect the materials used, steep roofs are best to have wooden shakes rather than traditional asphalt shingles.

The price varies from one home to the next. Factors that will change the cost of your roof are the shingles you chose, the area to be covered and any wood that needs replace below the roof itself. Roofing jobs are the most common home repair to negotiate on. Typically, a roof replacement is in the five thousands dollar range, but this will vary with home size, as well as the other factors mentioned. Need re-roofing services in La Grange? use our partners La Grange roofing company.

Contrary to popular belief a roof can be replaced in most seasons, the weather conditions do not need to be perfectly dry. However, a partially installed roof must be perfectly dry before any covering layers are applied. Roofs finished in moist conditions often grow mold and funguses causing the roof to need replaced much sooner than it should. This is another reason to choose a professional rather than an unreliable handyman, who may or may not know exactly what he is doing. Need new roof in Naperville Illinois? use quality Naperville roofing services.

It typically takes 4-6 days to install a roof professionally, do it yourselfers have reported times of one week to several months, often costing more than a professional would due to wasted materials and having to re-do sections of roof. Save yourself time, money and stress by hiring a professional to walk you through the roof replacement process. By replacing, your roof not only will your home be worth more money you have reassurance that your personal items will not be damaged by the elements.